About the Why am I Here Project?:

Your Participation

The residence survey is intended to collect general information about the places you have lived and why you lived there. Your birth year is required to calculate the ages as people move and allows a correlation between age groups and motivations. Since the survey information will be available to anyone, we don't ask for for any private identification information more detailed than the year you were born and your name. If you do not want to share your name, you can just supply initials. The survey also allows you to enter comments about the community you lived it. You can select for each residence whether you want the general public to see your comments or if they should be kept private.

The residence survey should only take several minutes to fill in. Submitting your survey anonymously is fine. But we strongly encourage you to create a user account enabling you to surveys for other individuals you know, friends or family, living or dead. Information collected for deceased individuals should be as accurate as you are able but we understand the motivations will be your best guess.

The more people filling in the surveys, the more interesting will be the results.

Viewing Survey Results

Still being developed

To see what sample data has been collected for a community, use the provided Google Maps window to draw around a geographical area of interest.

Future Plans

Still to be developed

Tie into the FamilySearch.org, "the world’s largest shared family tree," to connect you with your ancestors and their residence history. The mapping feature will really show you where you came from.

Privacy Statement

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